259073cYou’ve spent hours perfecting your catchy content, hand picking the most engaging photos, and you hired the best web design firm money can buy to create an absolutely stunning layout. The big day has finally come and you are ready to launch your website! You hit the magical “go live” button and BOOM the website is now up for the world to see! Woo Hoo! Congratulations Mr. or Mrs. Business Owner!

Unfortunately, nothing happens. Leads do not flood in. The phone doesn’t ring off the hook. You’re left scratching your head. Your content is on point, your images are crisp, and your design is top notch. Hmm….

I actually see this a lot with other web design and marketing companies’ websites. They get so crafty with their content that they lose the core message they were trying to get across. Have you been to a site like this? Where it’s so “creative” and obscure it makes it hard to figure out what they actually do.

People have shorter attention spans than Gold Fish


Ever watched a gold fish in a small fish bowl? Interesting, right? Well, studies show they have an attention span of a whopping 9 seconds. Guess what? Humans now boast an EIGHT second attention span thanks to the increasing digital age. YOU HAVE LESS THAN EIGHT SECONDS to convince your website visitor that it’s worth exploring your website. Throwing everything at them at once – photos flying in and rotating, slide shows, text that moves around, and catchy taglines that don’t make sense only confuses your visitor.

Tip: Keep the area on your home page above the fold very simple and clean. Make it extremely easy for someone to digest.


Treat your visitor like a THIRD grader


As a general rule, your visitor knows very little about your industry. For example, if someone comes to our FanBase website, it’s because they are looking for a vendor to help them. They probably don’t know much about things like PPC, SEO, Digital Marketing, CMS, Organic SEO, Tags, Keywords, HTML, CSS, Java, Adobe After Effects, Final Cut, and Premier Pro etc. Which is why we try not to throw all of these words at them in our web content. Instead, we take the approach of “We can help you grow your business through web design and video production.” We can get into the nitty-gritty of what we do once the potential client wants to meet with us to learn more.

Tip: Your content needs to be concise and straight to the point. Keep technical jargon out if at all possible.


Make your Calls To Action IMPOSSIBLE to miss


If you clutter your website with thousands of words, hundreds of photos, stuff flying in, zooming out and in, rotating, bouncing, you name the type of animation or effect and your website has it, how on earth will your visitor be able to focus on what you really want them to do? They’ll be so lost in the confusion zone; they will not know what to click. What is the number one thing you want your visitor to do? Call you? Email you? Fill out a form? Buy a product? Ask yourself, how easy is it for someone who knows VERY LITTLE about your company or industry to understand what they should do on your website?

Tip: Follow tips 1 and 2 and add a very clear call to action to your website. For example: “Buy Now” “Email us for a quote” “Sign up here for XYZ”.


Bonus Tip


The easiest way to figure out how people view your website is to run several in-person focus groups. Gather a group of a dozen or so people who have never been to your website and ask them to walk you through what they see as they navigate the site.

Sample questions to ask:

  • What do you feel when you first open up the page?
  • What are you compelled to do when you load the page?
  • Is there anything you THINK you should do?
  • What’s the first item you would click on the home page?