man-exercise-deskThat’s right. It’s time to get your ASK in shape. No one likes a loose ASK so it’s time you work on it!

Here’s the idea behind this crazy analogy, your ASK is the one thing people remember when networking. Do you know what to ASK for during your initial interaction? Who do you ASK to be strategically connected to? Or how to ASK for a referral? Better yet, do you know how to ASK for the sale?

Put it this way, if someone asks you “Who can I connect you to? or “Who does your company target as a customer?” and your answer is “Ummm, we want to connect and sell to everyone…” then you need to tighten your ASK! The tight ASK is “We like to connect with CPA’s and small business attorneys. Do you know anyone in these industries?”

If you don’t know what to ask for, how will anyone know how to help you?

Ready to start practicing your ASK? Join us at Raleigh Brewing on February 4, 2016 for an open networking event. Learn more here.