It’s not often that a project requires three full days of back-to-back-to-back filming, but in this case it was needed. Our client, GoTriangle, hired us for 10 videos highlighting individuals and businesses that lead the charge for alternate modes of transportation. The catch, they needed them all done in a few weeks as their award ceremony to congratulate the winners was fast approaching. Challenge accepted.

The only way to get this done was to film all 10 people over the course of three full days. We were fortunate that a staff member of GoTriangle took the scheduling reigns and booked 9 out of 10 people over the course of three days. The ninth person was out on vacation (which we grabbed at a later date).

We allowed ourselves 1.5 hours with each subject. Enough time to capture their interview and stage b-roll shots to overlay a 60 – 90 second final product. After capturing all of the footage, Ryan locked himself in the office and edited 10 wonderful videos telling and sharing each person’s journey and passion for alternative transportation.

On the surface, GoTriangle has 10 great videos that were shown at the awards ceremonies and will be shared I’m sure on all social channels. Not only will GoTriangle share these videos, but each recipient will more than likely share as well, boosting views.

Here’s one of the ten videos:

The 10 videos are wonderful, but when you dig a little deeper…here’s what else GoTriangle received:

Over 100 minutes of high quality interviews – both video and audio. We captured each person on camera for an average of 10 minutes answering various questions about alternate transportation. Our agreement with GoTriangle includes us giving them all of this footage.

Now, let’s do some math. If they have 100 minutes of footage, let’s say 75 clips under one minute in length of good sound bites can be used. They now have 75 additional videos to post on social media to further their cause and message. That’s a video a week for 75 weeks (over a year’s worth of content)!  Imagine if you had video content lined up for over a year after just 3 days of shooting and a week or so of editing.

A lot of people just look at the finished 10 videos and think “this is all we have to use”, but it’s just one piece of the puzzle. There is much more that you can pull from a video shoot than just the finished video.

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