Facebook Blocks Ad Blockers

Good news Facebook advertisers – The social media giant has found a way to block ad blocker software from working on their desktop website. Ad Blockers do exactly what it sounds like they do. They block and prevent any and all ads from popping up, displaying...

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2016 Stem Expo Recap Video

What do you get when 500 kids roam through 10,000 plus square feet of fun? You get a lot of smiling faces, curious minds, and hands-on learning! We captured this year’s stem expo and we had just as much fun as the kids...

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Get the Most From Your Video

You’ve created or paid for a great video showcasing your company. It says exactly what you want your customers to hear, and you can’t wait for everyone to see it. The only remaining question is, how will everyone see it? Too often I see great videos with...

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Tighten Your Ask

That’s right. It’s time to get your ASK in shape. No one likes a loose ASK so it’s time you work on it! Here’s the idea behind this crazy analogy, your ASK is the one thing people remember when networking. Do you know what to ASK for during your initial interaction?...

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